1. chapter: My bigest enemy - the SCHOOL

15. července 2012 v 12:08 | hplovehp |  We Are Who We Are - English
Hi! I'm sooo proud about that. My first non-Czech reader! So, here's the first chapter for you. I hope you like it. ;)

"Get up!"
"Because i't morning!"
"But I still have a night!"
"Elena! Don't be lazy and get out of the bed! I need your help with waking up your brother!" commanded Jenna. I groaned. This I have every morning since jeremy start going to kindergarten.
"Get up Jerry!"
"My name is Jeremy!"
Nickname still works!
"Ok Jerry. Hurry up, we must go to institute."
If anyone of you don't get it - I don't mean we are locked in an asylum and we going to aunt Jenna, when we have playtime. Behind the word institute is something much less poetic - the school.
"Okay, but now move your body!"

We arrived to school at time. Damn it!
"Hi Elena!" Stefan came to me.
"Keep your distance, rasist!" I growled.
"You still mad at me?" wondered he.
"So hey! I managed swallowed that you killing animals and drank their blood. But when you eat the black squirrel instead of the brown one, JUST because she's black, it is too much!" I was upset.
"No but! I can't be with someone who's serial killer AND discriminator!" said I and I go to classroom.

"Hello Elena!" smiled Damon at me, from my desk. My desk! I start looking angry. I looked around the room as I looking for something.
"Are you looking for something?" ask he innocently.
"Stables." said I with poker face.
"Stables? Why stables?" was he confused.
"Because you are here like pitchfork in manure. And the manure must be taken from somewhere."I said sharply and sat in front of him, where's the only vacancy. Greatest betrayal!
Woe, woe, woe is me! First lesson we have is English. And our teacher, Mrs. Smith, sputters so hard!
"Today, we will have vocabulary test!" shout she. I fastidiously wiped workbook.
"Mrs. Smith, I'm new there and I don't have anyone who would tested me." say Damon. Is he trying to play a good guy?
"Miss Gilbert! Do something for your classmate!" commanded garden sprayer, ingeniously disguised as High School teacher.
"You heard. Do something for me." smiled Damon haughtily. I grab my book and hit him with it.

The world is unfait und cruel! I got that, when I walked from school not at two o'clock, but at four o'clock with hand in pain. I must rewrite school rules. Because I was loud in English lesson.
Please! Please, I'm dreaming, it was a God's voice...Bad luck. Damon waiting for me in front of his car.
"You parking at wrong place!" I warn him.
"How so?" wonder he.
"Symbol for people with disabilities is here, in left."
"But I'm health and fit!" he showed his muscles.
"I think that killing people and being nosy is disabilities too." said I to him 'nice'.
"You mean to good Damon!" he complained. I stood on tiptoe.
"What are you doing?" said he. Like I was five years old child, who ask "Why?" all the time.
"I'm looking for the good Damon. Have you seen him?"
"Stop making me mad and get in the car!"
"It's not exactly Cinderellas fiacre."grinned I.
"And look I like fairy godmother?!" ask he little angry.
"No, of course not." smiled I, while I was getting in car. He sat at drivers seat.
"To Pilsen, mate, to Pilsen!" shouted I loudly. He understood it perfectly, because he stopped in front of Mystic grill. They have there a beer from Pilsen. At least, I hope they have it!

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1 L€nk@ L€nk@ | 15. července 2012 v 14:09 | Reagovat

Super.. :))Netušila sem že moje angličtina je natolik dobrá abych tomu rozuměla ale asi jsem se vážně překonala _DD A ty vtipky jsou boží.. :))

2 hplovehp hplovehp | Web | 15. července 2012 v 14:27 | Reagovat

[1]: Jsem ráda, že se ti to líbilo. A pokud se s tím necheš prát anglicky, je to moje spoluautorská s tewulinkou. V menu je dvakrát We Are Who We Are - jendou s English, jednou bez. Tak v tom bez English jsem už u 25. kapitoly. ;) :D

3 L€nk@ L€nk@ | 15. července 2012 v 17:46 | Reagovat

Já to čtu česky a o to je lehčí potom to přečíst anglicky když víš o čem to je :)) :DD

4 hplovehp hplovehp | Web | 15. července 2012 v 17:52 | Reagovat

[3]: A jo takhle. :D Procvičování angličtiny - bezbolestně a s úsměvem? :D

5 Tewulinka Tewulinka | Web | 15. července 2012 v 19:35 | Reagovat

Wau.. English chapter! That's great ;)

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